Sunday Service 10:30am
Sunday Service 10:30am

Rusty Wirt - March 11, 2018

Washes Feet

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3.11.18 – Washes Feet

Sometimes believing in God can seem abstract and academic. Or sometimes our faith can be tied to an emotion we have on Sunday morning. But Jesus’ life shows us another way. Jesus instructed us to not just believe in something or feel something—but to also do something. In this new sermon series, we will examine some of the concrete examples of Jesus’ love and how we are called to love in that same way.

1. Recall a time when your faith in God seemed somewhat removed from your day-to-day reality.

2. Pastor Rusty mentioned some Christian clichés. Could you relate to what he was saying? Mention some of your own clichés that may have been helpful in one context, but they also lack any explanatory power about our faith.

1. James, Jesus’ brother, explained that faith must go beyond listening (James 1:22-25). Just merely listening to the word can lead us to be deceived. Explain why you think just listening to good preaching is not enough. Discuss James’ metaphor of the Word as a mirror. What is he saying about us and our relationship with the Scriptures?

2. John the gospel writer begins the Passion discourse in John 13. He spends much of the remainder of his gospel on this one section of Jesus life. What does that large amount of focus say about the importance of these events?

3. Jesus clearly took on the form of a servant in this chapter. Read Isaiah 53:2-9. Notice all the references to the Messiah and mark the ones that Jesus clearly ful lled. How does this correlation between Isaiah’s predictions and Jesus’ life increase your con dence in God?

4. In Jesus’ time, societal roles were clearly de ned. Yet Jesus placed himself in the position of a servant when he took o his outer garment and wrapped himself up in a towel (John 13:4-5). Name some societal roles that might keep us from serving others.

5. Jesus stated that the blessing is in the doing (John 13:17). Name a time you helped someone and were surprised by how blessed you were at the end.

This is simple to understand but may not be easy to do.
• Serve those who like you.
• Serve someone who doesn’t.

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