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Use of Facilities or Equipment

All requests for use of the church facilities or equipment shall be made through the church office using the Events Request Form. After review by office personnel, approval will be given after verifying that there are no conflicting plans for the space or equipment requested.

All church events should be scheduled with the church office even if the event does not use Concord’s facilities. This will help minimize scheduling conflicts for church-wide activities.

Guidelines for Facilities Use

Only the rooms and/or equipment allocated and approved for use should be used. All other facilities are not to be used in any way. If room arrangement/condition is disturbed, it must be returned to its original state prior to departure. Waste will be taken care of by the custodian. The requester is responsible for the actions of guests using the facilities.

If equipment is broken or lost, report it to the church office as soon as possible. High value or fragile equipment will not be loaned out for use or taken off property.

The building and equipment may not be used by members or outside organizations for the purposes of making profit.

Fees for Use of Facilities and Equipment

Contact the church office for current fees.


In the event of a cancellation for need of Concord’s facilities, notify the church office as soon as possible to allow others to use the facilities.

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Event and Promotion Request Form
Have you submitted an Event Request yet?

Deadline: To enable best coordination and service, please submit an event request at least one week prior for a simple event, earlier if possible. Multi-week and major events require more advance planning.

Your Information
First Name
Last Name
Phoneuse your 10-digit phone number (i.e. 314-843-3500)
Program/Event Information
Event TypeIf you need to cancel an event, please contact the church office directly.
Name of Program/Event
Description of Program/Event
0 /
Event Dates

If this is a recurring program/event, please indicate the patter below or list individual dates:

Please list schedule exceptions (ie. Christmas, spring break, etc.)Always notify the church office of changes or cancellations.
Event Location and Special Needs
Will this event use Concord's facilities?

To best provide for your event and others, office staff will consider the details you provide to assign room(s). Please indicate any set up style preferences. The requestor may be asked to assist with extra or non-conforming set up and/or restoration.

For arrival/set up time, please indicate the earliest time you will need to arrive for set up. The assigned room(s) may not be available before this time due to other activities.

Arrival/Set up time
Event begins
Event ends
Departure/Clean up time
Rooms RequestedWorship Center, Atrium, Kitchen, Classrooms, etc.
Estimated size of groupInclude number of adults and number of children
Special Needs
Notes/Additional Instructions
Notes/Additional InstructionsPlease include a secondary date choice that the staff can consider in the instance of a scheduling conflict. Please include any specific set up instructions as well.
0 /
Promotion and Registration

Only events sponsored by or in partnership with Concord will receive promotion and/or registration through Concord’s communication avenues. Remember that Event Requests must be approved before promotional production or registration set-up can begin.

Do you need promotion through Concord's communication avenues?
Do you need online registration?
Registration and Cost Details
Event cost
Date registration begins
Early bird cost
Early bird deadline
Registration Ends
Maximum number of attendees
Any additional program/event costs?If yes, please include what those costs are.
Is childcare needed and/or provided?Include ages and cost (if applicable)
Promotional Request

DEADLINE: Please submit requests at least 3 weeks before promotional materials are needed. If submitted with insufficient notice, we’ll do our best to work around already scheduled communication items if event promotion is approved.
Preferred Completion of Promotional Request
Note/Additional Instructions for Promotional RequestPlease include all details related to your promotional requests. Depending on current limitations in our communication scheduling, not all requests can be granted.
0 /

After submitting your request, you'll receive a confirmation email with the details you provided. It may take a few minutes for the confirmation email to show up in your inbox.

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