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Support groups bring together people with common interests and experiences who can relate to you and what you’re going through.


Mondays 6:30-8pm, Sept 9 – Dec 16, $15

If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there aren’t many people who understand the deep hurt you feel.

This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before.

GriefShare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. The leadership team for GriefShare consists of people who have experienced significant losses in their lives and are examples of the healing and restoration that can occur as an outgrowth of deep grief.

The Fall 2019 session begins September 9. Though GriefShare is designed as a series, we welcome anyone at anytime.

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Loss Of A Spouse (One-Day)

Loss Of A Spouse
Monday 6:30-8pm, Aug 26, $5

The death of a spouse brings a unique kind of pain. People who are widowed haven’t just lost a loved one – they’ve lost an entire lifestyle. This special one-night session will take an honest look at dealing with loneliness, new household responsibilities, relating to others, developing a support network, and how to find the strength to go on.

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Surviving The Holidays (One-Day)

Surviving The Holidays
Monday 6:30-8pm, Nov 11, $5

The holidays are a difficult time for people who are grieving a loved one’s death. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to deal with the many emotions you’ll face during the holidays, what to do about traditions and other coming changes, helpful tips for surviving social events and how to discover hope for your future. Prior attendance at GriefShare not required. Childcare not available.

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem. It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere. There are no age or education requirements. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem.

Mondays, 7-8pm
No registration required

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts. NA offers recovery from the effects of addiction through working a twelve-step program, including regular attendance at group meetings. The group atmosphere provides help from peers and offers an ongoing support network for addicts who wish to pursue and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. NA’s approach makes no distinction between drugs including alcohol. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drug addiction.

Wednesdays, 11:30am-12:45pm
No registration required