Sunday Service 10:30am


We're glad you're here.

Going to a brand new place — let alone a church — can be a little uncomfortable if you don’t know what to expect. Check out the information here to start getting acquainted with us, even before you step foot through the door.

When are your services?

We have one service on Sunday at 10:30am. We also offer year-round Connection Classes (groups of people who are in similar life stages) that meet at 9:00am on Sundays.

Where can I find directions?

We’re located on Tesson Ferry Rd. (Hwy 21) south of Butler Hill Rd. and north of Hwy. 141. You can get specific directions or use the general directions below:

From 270
Turn south on Tesson Ferry Rd. and drive 3.5 miles. The church will be on your right. Turn directly into the parking lot from Tesson Ferry Rd. or turn right onto Walden Ridge Dr. at the stoplight.

From 141
Turn north on Hwy. 21 and drive 1.5 miles. You’ll see the church on your left. Turn left at the stoplight onto Walden Ridge Dr.

What do I wear?

Clothes. Seriously. There’s no “dress code” for church. At Concord you’ll see everything from dressing comfortable, to casual, to formal, though casual is what you’ll usually see most of. God is interested in your heart more than He is what you are wearing.

What are your services like?

We worship through music, prayer, giving, and the study of the Bible. Our music ranges from hymns to what you’d hear on 99.1 JoyFM and uses a variety of instruments (piano, electric guitars, orchestra, etc.). You can listen to songs we’ve done recently.

Messages are clear, applicable to life, and come straight from the Bible. You can listen to recent messages to get a feel for what you might hear.

If you haven’t been to church much before, that’s totally ok. We’ll try to make it clear what’s going on, and you won’t need to say or do anything you don’t want to.

Overall, you can expect the service to last about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Will you ask me to stand up in front of the church since I'm new?

Some churches have a time where they ask guests to stand and be recognized. We don’t do that. We have a time of welcome for all people in the worship service to go and say hello to each other. Our desire is for you to feel welcome, not to be singled out. The only thing we request is that you fill out a Connect Card and place it in the offering plate as it comes by, so we can have a record of your visit and help answer questions you have.

What's available for my kids?

1st-5th graders have a place to learn in their own age-appropriate Bible study at 9am and then have their own worship service at 10:30am. We also have a place for newborns through kindergartners during both services. All kids must be checked in for security purposes before being dropped off. Kids check-in stations are located in the Atrium and downstairs.

Students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to join with others their own age at 9am in the Rafters (Room 304). Discussions during this time are in small groups which are based on grades and gender.

What do you believe? What kind of church are you?

We believe that the Bible is our single, constant source of truth that gives us guidance on matters of faith, both in our personal and in the life of the church. The big reason why we do what we do is to connect all people to Jesus, so they can grow in faith and serve others.

For a more in-depth look, read more about what we believe. Feel free to contact us any time with questions about Concord’s theology and doctrine.

If you have a question that wasn't answered, or just want to talk to a real, live person, you can contact our office at 314.843.3500, send us a message, or stop by during business hours.